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Welcome to The Beat Flow Yoga & Music

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is the type of yoga that focuses on joints and ligaments. In this practice you will keep holding postures for a certain period of time that will help put stress in your joints, which make them stronger and more elastic.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa, as an established practice in the past is reaching its peak with a lot of different styles to choose from. In the program you can choose between gentle vinyasa flows, power flows, flows themed around our 4 bodies, flows for stability, flows for strength and flexibility.

Restorative Yoga

If you are feeling low in your physical body, you might wish to do a stronger workout to lift you up, like a 30 minute cardio, HIIT body workout or a power vinyasa flow, or, your body might need restoration only and you will only have enough energy in that day to do a 30-60 minute restorative practice.

What our clients say

Welcome to The Beat Flow Yoga

For all open minded yoga practitioners in search for diverse classes with holistic approach. Based on our teachers’ gained knowledge in different life spheres our yoga classes will give you guidance and confidence needed to establish a healthy daily routine. With our classes you can begin a journey of bringing out the best in you and your day.